Chicago Teachers Union Leader Enjoys Puerto Rico While Railing Against Returning To Classrooms

Chicago Teachers Union leader Sarah Chambers, who has been railing for a #StayRemoteUntilItsSafe school year for Windy City teachers, was posting social media images Thursday from Puerto Rico where she was ringing in 2021. Chambers fired up Twitter Thursday to defend her vacation, explaining how careful she was following protocols to make her Puerto Rican getaway a reality.

"I got 4 covid tests (2 rapid, 2 PCR) b4 coming here & wore 2 masks (N95). Scientists said airplanes are safer than grocery stores bc airplanes have ICU level filtration & everyone wears masks. My doc said it’s extremely unlikely for me to get Covid again since I had it so badly," Chambers tweeted Thursday.

"I had covid 60+ days of covid, where I could barely walk or talk for 2 weeks. I stayed at a private Airbnb only getting groceries and delivery.

"And now come the fun death threats DMs. Already got one."

Photos posted to Sarah's Instagram account show the Special Ed teacher smiling while enjoying a beautiful late December 2020 day in the tropics.

Meanwhile, Sarah brags in her Twitter bio that she has "led 4 strikes" and is a "socialist." And Sarah is ready to strike again if Chicago Public Schools sends children back to in-school learning.

"I’m a high school teacher, but I would vote YES to strike if they try to make elementary students, cluster students & their educators return. We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER," Chambers tweeted in early December

Just so you know what kind of maniac we're dealing with here, here's how Sarah handled vaccine news. "I would trust a vaccine from Cuba or China before the USA," she wrote December 10.

There are so many great tweets to choose from out of Ms. Chambers. Sarah's been out to protests with thousands of others with zero social distancing, on date nights, around her roommate's parents and a trip to Puerto Rico. Let's be real here, Sarah lived pretty much like the people she rails against. Weird, right?

And finally, back in October, the educator tweeted "Best part of #remotelearning is kitty cuddle." That says it all. 

My work here is done. Enjoy your vacation, Sarah.

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