Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Is Scrambling After Bus Drivers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

Imagine shoving your kids off to school in an Uber or Lyft. That's the vision Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has after a mass bus driver resignation due to anger over a vaccine mandate has left school administration and Lightfoot no choice but to enter talks with the rideshare program to shuttle children to school buildings.

“CPS believed there were bus drivers in place,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday at a press conference. “It was only Friday that the notification came from those third parties that they had a shortage of drivers. That is not CPS’ responsibility. We have a contract with those companies. We had an expectation that they were going to fulfill their contract.

“We’re going to work through these kinks,” she added. “I’m sure you’re going to find individuals for whom this wasn’t a great start. But we’re going to work hard to make sure that we solve those and address those problems.

“This is not on CPS. And I want that to be very clear.”

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