Chess Prodigy With Most Amazing Sports Feat of the Year: Watch This

Is chess a sport?

Debate amongst yourselves. But in the meantime check out this 60 Minutes story from last night that I bet most of y'all didn't see. I didn't see it either, but I was tipped off with this teaser: the best chess player in the world can beat ten other players without looking at the board.

And Magnus Carlsen did.

He also played the world's best player, Gary Kasparov, to a draw.

At 13.

Seriously, this kid's amazing.

What would be the equivalent of playing ten different people backwards in another sport?

Playing an entire NBA game blindfolded? Pitching underhanded?

And, I know, he's playing against other non-professionals, but could LeBron James beat a team of ten average basketball players by himself? No way, right? How about a team of five average players? Still, no way, right?

I can't believe this isn't getting more attention.

So watch this story.

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