Chase Elliott Has A New Girlfriend

It was a big weekend in the relationship department for NASCAR's dreamy drivers, Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott. Blaney revealed he's dating a Hooters model and not to be outdone, Elliott, 24, posted a video of him sucking face with a blonde that fire suit chaser intelligence officers believe is a woman named Ashley Anderson.

Elliott, who's firmly in a heartthrob-off with Blaney, had been in a relationship with Kaylie Green, who was with Chase at multiple NASCAR events over the last year or so. That's definitely not Kaylie in the video Chase posted over the weekend. Now I know some of you will click on this post and say Outkick's turning into TMZ. Guys, you have to remember how sports work. This is entertainment and relationships, cars, houses, salary, clothes, etc. are all important here.

There are people who live vicariously through athletes because their lives are so miserable. It's my job to give them an outlet, to imagine what it must be like to live Chase's life. Hang with me, we'll get back to Top 35 Free Agents Still Out There Posts soon enough.

This girlfriend stuff is big business.

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