Charlotte McKinney Is the New Kate Upton

So Carl's Jr. has a new Super Bowl commercial that is too risque to air in much of the country. Spoiler Alert: It's a hot girl eating a hamburger. This year's hot girl, who is soon to become the next Kate Upton, is Charlotte McKinney. We need to start a celebrity stock market where we can buy stock in people. Because Charlotte McKinney is about to explode on the scene. Right now she only has 18k Twitter followers. Her Instagram account has quite a bit more followers and you can research her there. (And by research her there, I mean look at pictures of her in a bikini). By the way, am I the only person without an Instagram account on Earth? Why would I need an Instagram account if I already have a Twitter account? Is Instagram like Twitter for people who can't read and are really hot?

Anyway, here's the new commercial starring Charlotte McKinney. It's almost like Carl's Jr's thinks all men are interested in is hamburgers and boobs. I'm so offended by the sexism in this commercial that I'm going to watch it more than once.

This is the most jealous I have ever been of sand. 



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