CFB AM: This new Joe Paterno beer is selling like wildfire

When Duquesne Brewing came up with the idea to make a Joe Paterno beer, it had minor concerns about how the product would be perceived and relatively modest expectations.

"We had hoped by the fifth Penn State game to have sold 500 barrels worth," Mark Dudash, the brewing company's owner, told Darren Rovell.

After only a week on the shelves, the company has sold over 3,000 barrels of the beer.

At 324 cans per barrel, that's almost one million cans in the first week.

The especially crazy part is the beer is being sold only in Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey currently. It's set to blow the doors off of sales by getting into other Eastern states and targeting national pockets of Penn State fans.

"I've been in this business for 17 years and I've never seen the response to a beer product like this," George Bradley, general manager of a Pennsylvania beer distributor, told Rovell.

I guess it shouldn't be that much of a shock that thousands upon thousands of Penn State fans still get drunk on JoePa.


1. The latest on QB battles

A quick spin around the country's quarterback battles as we close in on games: Everett Golson is officially the starter at Florida State; Urban Meyer said Ohio State won't announce a starting QB until the first guy jogs out on the field against Virginia Tech next Monday; Chad Kelly, nephew of Jim, is the official starter for No. 17 Ole Miss; Sophomore Brandon Harris will be the guy for No. 14 LSU, as expected; It's come down to three at Alabama -- Jake Coker, Alec Morris, Cooper Bateman -- but there's still no decision, as Nick Saban prepares to play multiple guys against Wisconsin this weekend; No. 9 Georgia surprised some by naming Virginia transfer Greyson Lambert the starter, as most presumed Brice Ramsey would be the guy to start Week 1; This brings us to only two teams in the preseason top 25 that have yet to announce starting quarterbacks, which both happen to be in the top three (Ohio State, 'Bama).

2. UCLA starting CB allegedly robbed an Uber driver

Yes, you read that right. Starting cornerback Ishmael Adams was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery early Sunday morning after he allegedly robbed an Uber driver of a cellphone. He reportedly used force and is being held on $100,000 bail. He's due in court Tuesday afternoon, and we'll see how it plays out. At the very least, you'd think there's a hefty suspension coming for Adams, and that's if he's found not guilty of felony robbery. If he is, obviously, he's done, which would mean the Bruins lost a guy who started all 26 games for them over the last two seasons and was the only UCLA player to make the All-Pac-12 first team last season.

3. Ranking the top 40 players in college football

Bruce Feldman ranked his best players heading into the 2015 season, and it's no surprise he put his guy Scooby Wright in the top spot. What was a bit of surprise (to me) was Georgia running back Nick Chubb at No. 2 overall, which would mean he's not only the best offensive player in the country but also "better" than every other elite pass rusher or shutdown defensive back. Chubb is great, but I'd have him a bit lower.


* Les Miles had to go to the hospital because he drank too much coffee after not having any for six months. He's OK and returned to practice on Monday.

* This is a great video: James Franklin tried to put pressure on a Little Leaguer and lost a bet.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. Two days.

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