CFB AM: Say hello to Florida QB's former NFL cheerleader girlfriend

Will Grier has a bright future in Gainesville.

He's a redshirt freshman quarterback who's battling Treon Harris for the starting job this fall, and most presume that Grier will ultimately be the guy who reminds Florida fans what competent offense looks like again over the next couple of years.

In the meantime, it looks like life is also good for Grier off the field.

He's reportedly dating former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader Jeanne O'Neil, who's also a Florida student, and the two spent the offseason having a great time it looks like.

Here are a few pics from Jeanne's Instagram to help kill the remaining hours until REAL FOOTBALL IS PLAYED TOMORROW!


1. Dave Wannstedt is The Man

We had Wannstedt, a colleague at FOX Sports, on The Audible with Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel this week, and it was spectacular. Dave discussed Jim Harbaugh, who he coached in the NFL, as well as being on Jimmy Johnson's Miami Hurricanes staff in the 1980s, where he smoked with his players and skipped halftime talks because the Canes knew they were so good. Here are a couple clips you should listen to.

On the night Miami wore army fatigues to dinner with Penn State:

On Jim Harbaugh and why he reminds Michigan fans of Bo Schembechler:

Here's the full podcast with Dave.

2. Nick Saban says he's coaching for many more years

There were some comments floating around the Internet on Tuesday about Nick Saban "being unhappy" at Alabama and speculation that he's unlikely to be the coach in Tuscaloosa in 2016. It's complete speculation, and the source of those comments even said there is no information to support them. So why bring it up? Because this is what Saban deals with every year at Alabama and inevitably he'll have to refute questions later this year about other jobs, even though he's signed through this decade and beyond at Bama. Saban went on Paul Finebaum's show and insinuated (if not saying outright) that he has a ton of coaching left in him. "You know my mother had a hole-in-one when she was 80," Saban told Finebaum. "I never had one. So I'm thinking I have 16 more good years of golf, and if I can play golf I should be able to coach."

A few other notes from around the country: Connor Cook wasn't named one of Michigan State's captains, and he let everyone know he's not thrilled about it; Auburn receiver Myron Burton Jr., the Tigers' spring game offensive MVP, has abruptly taken a leave from the program; Memphis has suspended six players from that big Miami Beach Bowl brawl with BYU last year (BYU has yet to announce its discipline).

3. This is coming to Arkansas games

Yes -- a mac-and-cheese hamburger. There will also be bacon-wrapped hot dogs with mac-and-cheese, a pork tenderloin sandwich and buffalo chicken nachos, among other things, added to the menu in Fayetteville this fall. Give me all of it.


* Stewart Mandel ran through five truths we learned from the College Football Playoff committee last season that will decide who plays for the national title this year.

* SB Nation's Bill Connelly has a good in-depth interview with Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel.

* If you ever wondered why Bob Stoops hasn't left Oklahoma, this Greg Couch story gives some insight into what loyalty means to him.

* I'm back for a second season on The Eric Hasseltine Show on 92.9 FM in Memphis and will do college football hits every Tuesday. Here's this weeks visit (kicks off around 6:50). Thanks to Eric and Memphis for having me back. It's always fun.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. One day.

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