CDC Committee Votes 15-0 to Add COVID Vaccine to Vaccine for Children Program

In one of the more indefensible decisions of the pandemic, the CDC advisory committee unanimously voted Wednesday to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the Vaccines for Children program.

While the committee will vote Thursday on whether to add the vaccine to the recommended childhood vaccination schedule, this almost certainly signals that it will be approved with similar margins.

This will not automatically create mandates for students to be vaccinated to attend schools.

However, it will undoubtedly influence many school districts, cities, or states to use the vote and decision as justification to add the mRNA vaccinations to entry requirements.

This is unjustified by the evidence, common sense or need.

Children are at astonishingly low risk of serious complications from COVID, especially compared to other diseases that are part of the routine childhood vaccination schedule.

Measles, for example, is more deadly to children.

Not to mention that the vaccination series is entirely incapable of preventing infection or transmission to others.

Any conceivable rationale to add the mRNA shots to the routine vaccination schedule would have to rely on their ability to prevent infection in the first place, since the rate of severe cases among kids is so low.

The CDC advisory committee signed off on making it part of this program, releasing Pfizer and Moderna from liability and creating the rationale for further contracts to purchase even more vaccines:

The lack of discussion around potential side effects is also extremely alarming.

Just a few days ago, Florida's Surgeon General released a new research document showing a potential link between COVID vaccines and elevated cardiac deaths amongst men in younger age groups.


Now the CDC is giving the green light to school districts to mandate the same vaccines to young kids.

It's a complete capture of the regulatory system.

Incompetence, cowardice and lack of humility is running rampant throughout the regulatory agencies that are supposed to evaluate evidence impartially.

But any impartial examination of the evidence to support childhood vaccination would come to the same conclusion; it's entirely unnecessary.

The CDC, the FDA and others have been unwilling to acknowledge the reality that they were wrong about what the vaccines could do and about the risk to kids.

So they continue to make and justify policies based on their own incompetence and out of fear that withdrawing their universal recommendations could lead to lower voluntary uptake.

As with everything the CDC's done over the past few years, today's decision was not backed up by science, data and evidence. Instead it was entirely political, designed to appease those who want a forever pandemic.

Unfortunately many of those who want a forever pandemic are running governments, schools, and corporations. The CDC just handed them a huge win.

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