Canadian Retailer Romanticizes About Expanding Government-Assisted Suicide In Company Ad

Today, we check in with our Northern neighbors in Canada. We haven't heard much from them since Justin Trudeau's creepy little government tried to arrest a group of protesting truckers.

In Canada, a retail giant called Simons released a dystopian three-minute commercial romanticizing medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Simons appears particularly fond of state-sanctioned murder, which recently included the Canadian government greenliting doctor-assisted suicide of a veteran who had been seeking treatment for PTSD.

The new video portrays euthanasia programs as a "hard beauty" and profiles the final weeks of 37-year-old B.C. woman Jennyfer Hatch, who doctors approved for assisted death due to her Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

“Last breaths are sacred … when I imagine my final days I see music, I see the ocean,” the woman says in the video before declaring assisted suicide “the most beautiful exit."

The YouTube version of the commercial has amassed over 1 million views at the time of publication:

Viewers might notice that at no point in the video does Simons mention clothing, home décor, or any of the products it sells. Rather, the clip is an ominous PSA for death in the form of a euthanasia drug.

“It’s obviously not a commercial campaign," said schmuck Simons CEO Peter Simons.

“I think we sincerely believe that companies have a responsibility to participate in communities and to help build the communities that we want to live in tomorrow and leave to our children," Simons tries to explain.

Got all that? Mr. Simons hopes to leave a world of sanctioned murder to his children. That or he's using suicide to market the Simons brand.

The annual rate of Canadians seeking medically assisted death has surged by double digits under the leadership of slimy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Originally, Canada only permitted MAID for those whose death was “reasonably foreseeable." Yet subsequent court rulings forced the practice to apply to any Canadian claiming a “grievous and irremediable” health condition.

It doesn't end there. Our Northern friends will expand assisted suicide in 2023 to those who claim to have a mental illness.

So, if you say you have a bad mental illness in Canada, the government might just help you pass away.

Still, activist groups want more. The group Dying with Dignity Canada is now advocating for assisted suicide to be extended to younger Canadians. Dying with Dignity argues that "mature minors" -- anyone above 12 years of age -- should be able to choose death by doctor assistance, regardless of parental objections.

Simons likely co-sings with such a ploy. Tune in for its next commercial to find out.

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