Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Introduces New Acronym: 2SLGBTQQIA+

Using LGBT in 2021 is equivalent to walking around with a BlackBerry or beeper. The modern lexicon has evolved and with it, the acronym to represent queer people.

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro Max of acronyms after tweeting out "2SLGBTQQIA+" — sending swaths of Twitter users to the comments wondering if Trudeau had pocket-tweeted the message.

Instead of catering to the layman or getting his message out clearly, Trudeau decided to go full woke by using the elaborate new term to highlight Canada's efforts to raise awareness on a "national tragedy" of missing Indigenous people.

The acronym's most intriguing addition to the traditional LGBT moniker was the "2S" at the beginning, which represents people that are spiritually both a man and a woman.

If the initialism reads a bit confusing, here's the breakdown:

2S: "Two-spirit" which represents people who resonate with male and female attributes...on a spiritual level. According to the New York Post, this term is normally adopted by Native American people.

LGBT: Your standard "Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender."

QQ: "Queer, questioning"

IA+: "Intersex and asexual." The plus is reserved for those that enjoy alkaline water.

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