Canada Says It Will Not Fire Federal Employees For Using ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in Correspondence

UPDATE: According to the National Post, the Canadian government said it had nothing to do with the memo that social media accounts and outlets have shared.

"Over the weekend, thousands of people shared an image online of a paper memo that appeared to be threatening Canadian civil servants with immediate dismissal if they used “let’s go Brandon” in internal communications," the report says.

In other words, the world -- and Canada -- has gone so far off the rails that we all fell for it. Does this mean Canadian federal employees can still send “Let’s go Brandon”? Will any of them test it to find out?

You might think "Let’s Go Brandon" is amusing and inconsequential. However, it is no longer a reasonable thought for federal employees in the free country of Canada.

A lettercaptured by the Daily Wire showed a Canadian government agency informing employees it would fire them “without recourse or labor union participation” if they used any form of “Let’s Go Brandon” in their correspondence. A zero-tolerance policy, one could say.

Take a look a the reported memo:

As Brodigan wonders, how frequently were Canadian government employees sharing or saying "Let's Go Brandon" in communication? Must have been frequently.

Next question, is Canada more protective of Joe Biden than it is of Justin Trudeau? If so, why? These are money questions.

Here is a visual look at the memo:

Not terrifying, but hilarious.

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