Can Anyone Explain Why Chris Cuomo Flexed to Kendrick Lamar on TikTok?

Chris Cuomo, the CNN bodybuilder, is known for awkward theatrics on-air in primetime. It turns out, those have nothing on Cuomo's off-time.

This week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's brother made an appearance in his daughter's TikTok video. While rocking to Kendrick Lamar's "Money Trees," Cuomo tried to "vibe." I mean, what else could we call this?

We will stick with that:

The delay made it even better.

It's safe to say, in the car, Cuomo's family won't be using the aux cord on Kendrick Lamar anymore. At least not at the risk of a nearby camera.

At the same time, yoga videos are probably out at the Cuomo household:

As is late-night TV. Because, well, you just can't risk coming across this again:

They definitely aren't watching his competitors:

Maybe these clips explain the steps to a career in cable news primetime?

Oh, to answer the question in the headline: No. No one has a clue.

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