Buy OutKick's Trump Shirt Dunking All Over LeBron

Many of you, like me, are still having a hard time processing just how idiotic LeBron James truly is. And if you really are like me, you want to stop everyone you cross in a store -- one mask, two masks, no mask -- and tell them. Now, you don't have to. Instead, all you have to do is walk past a fellow customer while wearing OutKick's latest shirt.

I mean, are you really going to say no to Donald Trump dunking all over that fraud? Think about it.

So good.

In case you were wondering why we picked, "Shut up and dribble," it's actually not in honor of Laura Ingraham. It's the message LeBron sends NBA players and executives when they are asked about the Chinese Communist Party. Don't be selfish, right? 

Order the shirts now at the OutKick store. When you receive yours, tweet at me, @burackbobby_.

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