Butch Jones' Knoxville House Is For Sale

Former Vols football coach Butch Jones is officially selling his beautiful 11,476 sq. ft. Knoxville house for $3,795,000. According to tax records, Butch paid $3,212,500 for the house back in 2013. Take a tour and you tell me how nice this house is. I'm not an expert on the Knoxville real estate market, but this has to be one of the nicest houses for sale in that area. That pool area is no joke and the basement is a real basement where guys can do real guy things like watch football, talk football, show off football trophies and drink.

From Butch's realtor:

Butch is now off doing his thing at Alabama and it looks like that might become a permanent role now that he's graduated from intern to Nick Saban's special assistant.

Mortgage: you're looking at about $18k a month before you have gardeners come in to keep the place looking spectacular. And maids...you're going to need maids (plural) to keep it all clean.

via Redfin/Sharon Bailey, Realty Executives Associates

via Redfin/Sharon Bailey, Realty Executives Associates

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