Bud Light Causing Problems Inside Kentucky Bar Amid Dylan Mulvaney Saga

Guy Cummins owns a bar in the state of Kentucky. He's known for his BBQ, as well as his domestic beer.

Yet Cummins has considered dropping Bud Light from his menu.

But not in protest of the brand's association with gender-hustler Dylan Mulvaney. Rather, Cummins says selling the beer is causing his customers danger.

According to Newsweek, consumers at the bar have engaged in verbal brawling with Bud Light drinkers over the Mulvaney campaign.

"A few days ago, I noticed a person got Bud Light and the other patrons were making fun of them," Cummins said on Facebook. "If it's going to cause a problem, why have it? I'm protective of the people coming in here."

Now, this isn't the first fight Bud Light has stirred. If you notice, it's not the Coors drinkers who cause problems by the pool table.

Nonetheless, Cummins can't be the only owner watching bargoers verbally duke it out over Bud Light slapping Mulvaney's face on a commemorative can.

The topic of Dylan Mulvaney, a 26-year-old man who calls himself a "girl," is not to go over well in public settings -- outside of downtown New York, where consumers consider the dude a hero.

'If it's going to cause a problem, why have it?'

Featuring Mulvaney on a can was a play to impress Twitter users and TV hosts, members of the loud minority.

Yet the move proved counterproductive in appealing to society at large, as evidenced by a stock decline of 3 percent on Monday following the Mulvaney saga.

As OutKick reported in a recent column, only 8 percent of the electorate aligns with the Woke. Thus, bad business it is to cater to merely a fringe subsection of the population.

And characters like Mulvaney are the latest variation of Woke. Hence the backlash from Bud Light drinkers, a proud group with poor tastes in beverages.

(Bud Light is, at best, the 6th best beer on the market.)

Actions have consequences. And Bud Light is now the can of violence inside Mr. Cummins' local bar. 

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