Bucs Or Bust: Gronk Either Returns Or Retires -- And Brings Us The Content In The Mean Time

We still can't decide whether TE Rob Gronkowski has a bigger impact on or off the field, but his latest interview from the heart of Las Vegas makes us think it might be the latter.

Though he often gives colorful interviews, the shades alone in this new vid courtesy of TMZ gives us about all the color we can handle.

But we can't allow ourselves to be distracted by sunglasses. Gronk also delivers some serious content, and we almost don't know where to start.

The nugget that will pique the curiosity of Buccaneers fans is the fact that Gronk settles it once and for all: he either comes back to Tampa Bay or he sails off into retirement. No other options.

"It's a family over there," he insists.

It's gotta be. The bond between Gronk and his ride-or-die QB Tom Brady must be so indestructible that Brady can literally toss the Lombardi Trophy over the side of a boat and trust that Gronk will reel it in with ease.

So, Bucs fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Gronk either plays with Brady and the Bucs, or he doesn't play at all.

But there's more to this interview than just, well, business. After all, Gronk is relivin' his Draft glory days right now, running his routes poolside and taking in all that Vegas has to offer to a man a couple weeks shy of his 33rd birthday.

Gronk weighs in on the day's drinking Xs and Os, Brady's beer pounding prowess, and the future of former teammate Antonio Brown.

Check it out, but careful. When facing that kind of star power, you may need some shades of your own.