Bruins Admit Photoshopping Boston Police Logo Off Player's Shirt, Give Ridiculous Reasoning

Turtleboy Sports has received an admission from the Boston Bruins that the team decided to photoshop the Boston Police Department logo off Charlie Coyle's shirt before posting the photo to social media and the reasoning is rather odd.

Team president Cam Neely said in an emailed statement that the team was trying to protect Coyle from "unfair criticism." Neely's statement continued: " 

The Bruins social media team has deleted the tweet that included the photoshop job showing Coyle shooting a basketball in a black shirt. Charlie's Boston PD logo shirt makes an appearance in this video that's still live. Guess the team has more work to do in order to protect Charlie from unfair criticism.

And the Photoshop job:

So let me get this straight, hockey players like Charlie Coyle need unfair criticism protection for repping a police shirt? Remind me why again? The Bruins can't be serious with this statement that's going to get absolutely destroyed.

Read that again. "Unfair criticism."

It's not like Charlie's wearing some super controversial shirt here. It's a Boston police logo shirt. Since when is it so controversial to wear a police department logo shirt that a team has to bust out Photoshop and protect their guy? It was never controversial and Charlie Coyle wasn't going to face "unfair criticism" over the shirt. This is 100% an overreaction by the woke Bruins staffer inside the organization who ordered the image to be altered.

Will the Bruins now cancel First Responders Nights because the franchise might face unfair criticism? Of course not. They'll keep seeing it as a marketing opportunity to make money like they did back in February.

Meanwhile, the Bruins haven't removed other social media statement posts:

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