Bruce Pearl To Clay Travis: 'Ain't Nothin' Like' Auburn

Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl rarely, if ever, takes a break from recruiting.

He continued that trend Saturday morning during an interview with OutKick founder Clay Travis. Pearl used his time in front of the camera to pump up Tiger athletics and people from the South hours before Auburn's football team plays host to Penn State.

Along with Nittany Lions fans and plenty more from Auburn, Travis was on hand to tailgate with the Fox crew. That's when the always energetic Pearl stopped by to sell everyone on the orange and blue.

"People in this part of the country are so misunderstood," Pearl told Travis. "This is not the basket of deplorables. This is Auburn, Alabama!"

As expected, the Tiger faithful behind Pearl roared with approval.

Pearl Is Entering His Ninth Year With Auburn

After pumping up the area itself, Pearl turned his focus to the atmosphere that surrounds Auburn athletics. And if you're a recruit weighing an offer from the Tigers, I don't know how the hell you turn this guy down.

Ever the (successful) salesman, Pearl hyped up all that is Auburn. "The environment of the tailgating and the environment of the stadium...," Pearl began. "Thirty minutes before kickoff when we start getting that video board going and we sing 'God Bless America," and the 'Star Spangled Banner,' and them jets fly over the top (of the stadium)..."

A smiling Pearl continued: "And the team comes out on the field, man, ain't nothing like it. Anywhere. Ain't nothin' like it!"

By this point it's clearly visible that Clay can't wait to drop the mic and rush over to the admissions office. And he sure as hell isn't alone. Should the Tigers football team need someone to hold kicks - I'm available and looking forward to the team meals.


That is part of the deal, right?

And so help me God, if Pearl himself is looking for a slow, short, pass-first point guard, I'll start doing figure eights in the driveway right now.

There's Still A Game To Be Played

With the recruiting out of the way (for now), Travis asked Pearl how the Tigers will fair this afternoon against 22nd-ranked Penn State. Not surprisingly, he delivered.

"24-16 Auburn," said Pearl as he was ushered with cheers.

Clay then shifted back to Auburn's party atmosphere, asking Pearl in closing what would have to happen for the coach to go topless at this game (something he's been known to do when cameras are present).

"My wife said America's seen quite enough of this body," Pearl added.

Bruce Pearl ladies and gentleman. Ain't nothin' like him.

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