Britney Spears Does It Again, Drops Nude Photos From London

Britney Spears is on a Joe DiMaggio-like hot streak and she's showing no signs of cooling off.

The pop princess continued her summer trend of knocking it out of the park when she dropped a series of nude and almost nude pics to her Instagram account on Thursday.

Spears snapped the pics from her London hotel room and it's easy to see why anyone choosing to leave a comment would likely opt to deliver a cheeky reply.

Spears didn't just step to the plate hoping to make contact on Thursday, she was clearly swinging for the fences. The ."..Baby One More Time," singer dropped a total of nine pics, showing off her assets, often with only a well-placed emoji or a "Cabo Thong" keeping her from making Big Ben even bigger.

Not only did Spears model for the racy pics, she also apparently served as her own photographer for the shoot, letting fans know she pulled double duty in order to post her booty. "I held my phone up with a book and a remote control to shoot this," captioned the "Toxic" singer.

Let that be a lesson to all the aspiring influencers out there. It's not always going to be easy - sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it on your own.

40-year-old Britney has covered all the bases (but little else) throughout the month of July. Just over a week ago she found herself stuck in her white Mercedes on an L.A. freeway after running out of gas, then hopped over to Instagram for some candid skinny dipping pics.

We're witnessing a historic streak here and it's probably best to just enjoy the show.


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