Breaking Down Monday Night Football Odds

Yes, the Monday Night Football rumors are still ongoing. But the clock is beginning to tick. Today, Bovada released odds on who will be in the booth this season. Here are my thoughts:

It's surprising to see Steve Levy tied with Pat McAfee and behind Louis Riddick and Dan Orlovsky. From everything I've heard, Levy is the clear front-runner to call Monday Night Football this upcoming season. While sources mention Riddick and Orlovsky as candidates, they are vying for the same analyst opening. They could, of course, be paired together in a three-person booth. Outside of a canceled college football season and ESPN subsequently going with Chris Fowler, Levy is the only option that makes any sense at this point. It's the bet to take here.

ESPN is high on McAfee, yet I'm not jumping at +300. He said himself it's unlikely he will be in the Monday Night Football booth. The network should, however, look to add him to its coverage in some form. He'd be an energizing game-changer to the pregame show.

(No, not even McAfee should be put in a cart on the sidelines.)

Outkick reported last week McAfee mutually parted ways with DAZN.

I look for value in odds, but that doesn't exist here. Everyone listed after Levy — excluding the Fowler and Herbstreit scenario — isn't in the cards right now. I've made the case, a few times, that Kurt Warner, a big-name former quarterback, is the best fit at color commentator. Though, as reported by Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, ESPN is set on staying in-house.

By the way, how great is it to see John Madden make this list at +2000?

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