Breaking Down List of Sports Ranked by Difficulty

Egos across America plummeted this week when a list of sports ranked by difficulty was released. Before we get into it, here it is:

I have no problem at the top. Boxing is the most sophisticated sport ever created. You have to know your opponent better than you know yourself. It's literal, not metaphorical. Trash talking is easy when you have a locker room full of football players or a bench full of ridiculously-sized basketball players behind. It's not so simple when you go one-on-one in a ring fighting for your pride. Unlike with MMA, you can't rely on your athleticism or a solid chance of luck, either.

I hate to see the great sport of fishing ranked 60th, last. It's been a rough week for the peaceful pastime. First, a head football coach apologized for wearing a news network shirt while doing it. Now, this. I'm assuming these voters can't even bait a hook and have never caught a bass. 

I've only played a few of these sports. However, I find it hard to believe table tennis is harder than golf, which I have played at a poor level.

I also refuse to concede rowing is harder than the rodeo. 

Either way, it is great that some old guy admiring the weights he just lifted found out there are 43 sports harder and that now come with more bragging rights.

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