Boosters Forever! Hooray For Stock Owners In Government Positions

Good news, government officials, especially those of you who hold stock in any of the pharmaceutical giants pushing booster shots. In other words, pretty much all of you. It appears that much like those disgusting masks dangling from so many rearview mirrors, COVID vaccine boosters are going to be around for quite a while, so your Big Pharma stocks will keep paying the lucrative dividends you've been enjoying for at least the last year.

Thanks to all the cheerleading from politicians and the liberal media, booster shots have become more popular than an $8 caramel macchiato, even though experts have no definitive answer as to how long a booster will last.

As reported by, Jessica Justman, an epidemiologist at Columbia University, says that "the months-long gap between initial doses of the vaccine and boosters will help the immune system maintain a strong response for a much longer period than the initial regimen did. But we need more data to have any sort of definitive answer on that."

Brown University School of Public Health dean Ashish Jha shared Justman's thinking as it relates to boosters, telling “What are the long-term benefits of a booster? How long does it last? Will we need another booster a year from now? Will we need another booster sooner than that? We don’t know the answers to that.”

In other words, prep that shoulder for a yearly booster jab, just like you would an annual flu shot.

The CDC is currently recommending boosters for the following persons:

Of course, as the number of "recommended" boosters increases, so too do the stock prices of the companies that manufacture them. So don't expect anyone in government positions to push back on boosters as long as their bank accounts continue to grow.

OutKick founder Clay Travis anticipates the current booster trend to be the first of many.

"My over/under for covid "vaccine" shots is now 8. You taking the over or the under?," tweeted Travis.

With no definitive answer as to how long a booster should last, maybe you too, should lay some money on the over. That's a shot worth taking.


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