Boosted Individuals More Likely to Test Positive for COVID, According to New Research

The more boosted you are, the more like you are to test positive for COVID. At least, that's according to new research from the Cleveland Clinic covered by the Wall Street Journal.

The Clinic conducted an extensive investigation into their own employees, and found stunning results.

“Risk of COVID-19 increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode and with the number of vaccine doses previously received," they reported.

Quite literally, the more vaccination doses received, the more likely employees were to test positive.

This contributes to a growing body of evidence suggesting that booster doses are far less effective than originally claimed.


Concerning COVID Variants

This is even more concerning considering the rapid emergence of new variants. One such variant has been dubbed "XBB," which, according to the article, is as "different from the original COVID the 2003 SARS virus."

It's unclear, and unlikely, that XBB is more dangerous or lethal than previous variants. However, it does appear to be more likely to evade antibodies from previous vaccination doses.

But it gets worse.

The Journal covered that "evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible." Additionally, repeated vaccination "could be fueling the virus's rapid evolution."

Well that sounds important!

Apparently this type of development has virtually never been seen before.

“Such rapid and simultaneous emergence of multiple variants with enormous growth advantages is unprecedented,” according to a recent study in Nature.

Makes perfect sense that businesses, colleges, and the military had or continue to have vaccination mandates, doesn't it? Remember when the President of the United States illegally tried to force the majority of private businesses to mandate COVID vaccines too?

Variants Developing Due to Vaccination?

The Nature study makes a speculative suggestion that "immune imprinting" may be helping the virus mutate.

Bivalent boosters target both the original and Omicron variants with antibodies, but in doing so, could make the virus "fitter."

The study claims that “current herd immunity and BA.5 vaccine boosters may not efficiently prevent the infection of Omicron convergent variants.”

The good news is that the FDA just authorized these same bivalent boosters for young children too.

Yet somehow, "experts" are still claiming that these boosters will improve protection against the XBB COVID variant.

Clearly their willful disregard for reality continues, even into 2023.

Thankfully, COVID metrics haven't surged so far this winter, despite the new variants. But that doesn't mean further surges won't happen as protective immunity from prior infection fades.

It's obvious that booster doses aren't able to stop infections, and if XBB does become dominant, they may not be able to stop hospitalizations either.

All of this once again suggests that "experts" have relied entirely on vaccination to stop the virus. Yet their efforts continually prove unable to deliver what they promised.

We were told the vaccines were nearly 100% effective. We were told the vaccinated couldn't get or spread the virus.

Then recently, we were told by Fauci that the bivalent booster would provide enhanced protection. Yet research confirmed higher infection rates among those with more booster doses.

It all raises the question, when are they ever right about anything?

Media Ignores Incovenient Stories

It's all the more important that mainstream publications like the Wall Street Journal cover these stories.

It's extremely unlikely any other major media outlets will, because it tells an inconvenient story. The mainstream news sources have unquestioningly championed expert advice.

Admitting that they were wrong would be an untenable admission of guilt and complicity. So they rush to publicize the results of poorly conducted CDC research designed to increase compliance.

Yet they ignore anything that could make them or public health agencies look bad.

They bury stories like this, because they don't want to tell them. But they can't bury the truth.

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