Bleacher Report CEO Howard Mittman Out of Company

Bleacher Report has parted ways with CEO Howard Mittman, sources tell Outkick. Last week, we reported that Mittman was facing opposition from factions inside Bleacher Report who believed that he played favorites amongst his clique, and that he and members of his leadership team were asked to acknowledge their white privilege.

Sources said that while the circumstances we reported on last week accelerated the process of a regime change, it was not something that would've been a complete stunner on a longer term time horizon.

In the interim, Bleacher Report's senior leadership team will report to Turner Sports president Lenny Daniels. Members of the leadership team include Sam Toles (original content and voice) and Tina Shah (business strategy, operations, products, marketing and analytics). Chris Brown is managing production and technical operations while Tara August is un charge or talent and special projects.

Daniels, in his capacity within Turner, was already overseeing Bleacher Report.

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