Biden Admin Gives Word Salad Answer For Increased Grocery Prices

The Biden administration gave Americans a full serving of word salad during press meetings on Wednesday.

White House admins faced questions over ongoing sticker shock and anxiety related to inflation. Gas has soared to its highest price point since 2015, and purchasing groceries has become more and more difficult in 2021.

The administration's latest update regarding inflation and sticker shock — delivered by Biden's Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deece — explained that at the root of increased grocery prices in the U.S. is ... an increase in pricing.

Deece claimed that if not for the nearly 50 percent increase in pricing for core proteins, e.g. beef, poultry and pork, the rest of the U.S. food market would not be in its current state of crisis — an explanation that's as weaved as a $7 bag of Snyder's.

The White House's official release read:

"Large price increases for beef, pork, and poultry are driving the recent price increases consumers are seeing at the grocery store (a measure commonly known as 'food at home'). Together, these three items account for a full half of the price increase for food at home since December 2020. Since that time, prices for beef have risen by 14.0%, pork by 12.1%, and poultry by 6.6%."

During the first months of Biden's presidency, consumer prices have skyrocketed, making essential foods like meat and dairy less and less affordable. In July, the U.S. Labor Department announced an index increase of 5.4 percent, exceeding wage gains in the process.

Without much clarity or brevity, the admin's response was a jumbled cover for the fact that the White House has no solution — nor does it really understand the problem.

America's financial recovery has not been a growing concern for Washington. The administration has proudly flaunted policies that diverge significantly from those imposed under Trump. They have even embraced an economic strategy that, too, is an opponent to Trump's economy.

While 2020 warranted some economic relief via stimulus, Biden's hand has been caught in the cookie jar — he's attempted to pass a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill on a bloated national debt of nearly $30 trillion. The economy also trails failed job reports from the Biden administration, making their strategy even more confusing.

Brian Deece is just another admin charged with covering for Biden's mistakes. Sometime soon, these inflation questions will start driving Deece nu...crazy.

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