Axios Fires Reporter After He Called Ron DeSantis Press Release 'Propaganda'

Media bias took a hit on Wednesday as a journalist was fired after calling a Ron DeSantis press release "propaganda."

News of the unprofessional exchange broke just a few days ago. Florida Department of Education communications director Alex Lanfranconi publicly shared a response he received to a press release.

The release covered a recent roundtable held by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on "divisive concepts such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the impact that these concepts have had on Florida higher education institutions and the students that attend them."

Tampa-based Axios reporter Ben Montgomery responded to Lanfranconi's email with a curt, "This is propaganda, not a press release."

That prompted DeSantis' Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern to ask, justifiably, "Is this a journalism?"

Vanity Fair and Mediate then reported Wednesday that Montgomery was no longer associated with Axios. While they did not confirm the reason behind the move, it seems likely that the email was responsible.

The DeSantis team has done a superb job of exposing media bias by showing their own words, and highlighting the absurdity of their obvious positions.


DeSantis Response Shows Media Bias

Axios displayed a stunning commitment to political neutrality in taking this dramatic step. Few, if any, mainstream media outlets care about their reporters openly displaying their political opinions.

In fact, many major anchors or personalities openly talk about their disinterest in presenting an unbiased perspective.

Calling a press release "propaganda" is not only inaccurate, but also naive. Releases from any political office are going to take the viewpoint of the person they represent.

Reporters and journalists are, in theory, supposed to understand that and incorporate it, or not, into their stories.

But far too often, the press release stands in direct opposition to their political viewpoints. Especially when it comes from conservative politicians like DeSantis.

Media personalities from left wing sources like CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post and others frequently have trouble hiding their distaste for right wing objectives.

Normally, they present their bias in slanted opinion pieces disguised as "news."

Generally, there are never any consequences for injecting activism into their work. Apparently, not this time.

It's never desirable to celebrate someone losing their job, but this result may prevent other journalists from engaging in similar, politically motivated decisions.

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