AUDIO: Chris Russo Goes Berserk on Mad Dog Morning Show, Later Calms Down

Chris Russo called into Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio's morning show, the Morning Men radio program with Evan Cohen and Mike Babchick, this morning apoplectic with Cohen about a discussion he was having about Drew Brees and white privilege. Things got extraordinarily heated before eventually cooler heads prevailed and they reached an understanding:

You should really listen to the whole thing because it's going to be impossible for me to fully capture the contextual nuances. The summary is that Russo kept telling Cohen to stop "moaning and groaning" and "apologizing" about white privilege, quit the show, sell his expensive homes in New York and Florida (Cohen said he rents in Florida), stop flying on private jets with Good Karma radio boss Craig Karmazin (for whom Cohen is also a radio host in Florida, and manages stations across the country), move to 168th street in Manhattan, and feed the homeless.

Russo's audio got muffled at times on a bad cell connection. Cohen acknowledged that he had a head start in life but reiterated that he has worked his ass off to get to his career and income status. Russo lost connection and when he called back he still wasn't pleased about the topic framing but had calmed down and did not actually want Cohen to quit.

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