Atlanta Mayor Says Trump Will ‘Eat His Own Children’ if Prudent

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has apparently taken her cues from ESPN moron Mark Jones. The mayor got so emotional she said that President Donald Trump "will eat his own children."

Want to guess which channel it happened on?

You have to appreciate the hard-hitting journalism done there by Anderson Cooper amid the disgusting comment.

It's alarming to see this type of hate spread by Democrats. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, the double standard is undeniable. If a Republican said this about Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, CNN's Anderson Cooper would get so angry that he'd have to bring back the turtle analogies.

The best part of all this, CNN is posting and promoting the "news" segment.

The former news network may think this commentary is helping their preferred party, but it's not. It just makes Bottom's side look crazier in a state that faces a lot of national attention right now. And given the way this guy, Raphael Warnock, operates, the left's insanity in Georgia may soon reach Gov. Cuomo-level.

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