Announcing the Inaugural Outkick the Coverage Hall of Fame Class

It's time to announce a new feature to Outkick the Coverage, our hall of fame.

You can see the hall of fame gallery here.

2012 was the first full year in OKTC history. As such, it made sense that we have an inaugural hall of fame class for 2012. The first year's hall of fame class was decided via dictatorship, namely, I picked them. All future inductions will come after official reader nomination and then a voting process that's open to all readers. 

A nominee must receive 70% of the overall votes cast in order to enter the august halls of the OKTC hall of fame. There will doubtless be many questions, but hopefully our first year class will help to shed some light on your questions.

I will also draft a pro and con opinion piece for each potential nominee for y'all to consider prior to voting. In that opinion piece I will put my $150,000 legal education to work zealously defending and attacking the individual's inclusion in the hall of fame.

There are only two criteria for inclusion:

1. At least one member of the couple has to be famous enough that the majority of OKTC readers would recognize them.

2. There has to be a "relationship." That is, a famous person can't merely be photographed with an incredibly good looking person. There will  also be a preference given for marriage, since it represents the true culmination of outkicking your coverage.

So without further ado, here we go with our six inaugural inductees.

1. Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and his wife Jennifer.

This is Bret Bielema.

This is his wife.

This is the easiest Outkick selection ever.

2. Austin Chick and Morena Baccarin aka Sgt. Brody's wife on "Homeland" and some ugly bald guy with a goatee.

You have no idea who Austin Chick is. Yet he's somehow married to Morena Baccarin, the drop dead gorgeous wife of Sgt. Brody on Homeland.

Yes, this is a real couple.

Again, no questions, right?

3. Johnny Manziel in the Scooby Doo outfit dancing with the blonde in lingerie.

Okay, this one gets a bit more controversial.

Here's why.

On occasion, a picture can be so perfect that it personifies the Outkick lifestyle.

When such a picture emerges, it can lead to a automatic induction into the Outkick hall of fame. This isn't even Johnny Manziel's girlfriend. But is there any doubt it could be?

Johnny Manziel outkicked all coverage in 2012, not with one individual girl, but in all facets of life.

This criteria will be very tough to meet, but Manziel's in for 2012.

4. Jay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce are an important couple to include because it illustrates that a rich, successful man can still outkick his coverage. (This is a question that we get a ton. Are some people so successful that it's truly impossible for them to outkick their coverage?) Jay Z is really ugly. Beyonce is gorgeous, rich, talented and successful. If Jay Z had merely married a gorgeous woman, he would not be outkicking his coverage. That would be expected.

But instead Jay Z married one of the most talented and gorgeous women in the world. A woman who is incredibly rich in her own right. 

And this year they had a baby girl. 

Who will all pray looks like Beyonce.   

5. Ryan and Lauren Tannehill

This one is probably going to be the most controversial of all our first year inductions.

But here's the deal -- I inducted Ryan and Lauren Tannehill into the Outkick the Coverage hall of fame back in 2011 during the Texas-Texas A&M game when Lauren Tannehill was shown on television. I'm not sure that they really qualify, but they were our first induction ever and I did it in real-time on Twitter. If I was voting today I'd probably be opposed to their inclusion for this reason -- Ryan is an NFL quarterback and while Lauren is really hot, but what has she done to suggest that she's an unbelievable catch? That is, it's no surprise that an NFL quarterback would have a beautiful wife, right?

For instance, the best looking couple in America today is Tom Brady and Gisele. That's the top of the mountain. You have one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game -- who also happens to be incredibly good looking -- and he's married to one of the most famous and rich models in world history. It is truly impossible for this duo to outkick their coverage. When you are standing on the peak of a mountain, there's only room for one couple.

But for now Ryan and Lauren Tannehill are included.

6. Kliff Kingsbury by himself 

Occasionally, I get asked whether a woman can outkick her coverage. The answer is, of course. But there's an important caveat -- generally speaking women are much better looking than men, so there are many more good looking women than there are good looking men.

But whoever marries Kliff Kingsbury has outkicked her coverage.

He's in the hall of fame by himself.

Our first nominee for the 2013 OKTC Hall of Fame?

AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb.

I'll present the pro and con cases soon. Until then, feel free to share your nominees.

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