Andrew Cuomo Shutting Down NYC Indoor Dining Again

New York has been a nightmare when it comes to reported COVID-19 numbers under Governor Andrew Cuomo, so he is again trying something that may or may not made an impact previously -- closing indoor dining in New York City, starting Monday.

"Hospitalizations have not stabilized, and with a rising infection rate and NYC's density, this means that indoor dining is too high of a risk," Cuomo tweeted.   

Outdoor dining and curbside service are still allowed, though it's hard to envision anyone wanting to eat outside in New York in the middle of December.

Cuomo shut down indoor dining in March, then allowed restaurants to re-open to limited capacity in September. All it seemed to put a dent in was the restaurant industry.

Via CBS News, the New York State Restaurant Association estimated that 8,333 New York restaurants, including 4,500 in New York City, have gone out of business since March. Meanwhile, reported COVID-19 numbers have climbed during that same span.

"The virus transmission rate in the state has climbed to 1.3, meaning an additional 1.3 people are infected for every case," CBS reported.

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