Anderson Cooper Scoffs at Heckler: 'Get the F*ck Away From Me'

CNN host Anderson Cooper channeled his inner Chris Cuomo upon a confrontation with a heckler in New York City.

On Sunday, a rando with a camera phone confronted Cooper following his reporting for "60 Minutes" on CBS. The pretend reporter accused Cooper of doing “infomercials” for Joby, Wisk, and Lyft in connection to his story on eVTOL aircraft last summer. Joby, Wisk, and Lyft are manufacturers of aircraft.

The unknown man suggests Cooper was driving up the stock price for the three brands. “Did you have investments in Joby, Wisk, or Lyft?” he asked.

Cooper didn't bother to answer him, however. Instead, Cooper warned the man that he best get away from him.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” Cooper asked. “Get the f*ck away from me."

Here's the clip:

In July, Cooper hosted an episode of "60 Minutes" focused on an eVTOL called Hexa. eVTOL stands for electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, which Hexa calls the future of travel. 

A pilot flew Cooper in the aircraft during the episode. CBS reports that Cooper was the first person outside of the company to ride inside the vehicle.

The heckler also took issue with Cooper's approval of the machine and lack of skepticism. Such criticism is fair.

Here’s the opening from Cooper’s monologue:

“If you've ever had the fantasy of soaring over bumper-to-bumper traffic in a flying vehicle, that may be possible sooner than you think. Not with a flying car, but with a battery-powered aircraft called an eVTOL, a clunky acronym for electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. Dozens of companies are spending billions of dollars to make eVTOLs that will operate like air taxis - taking off and landing from what are called vertiports on the tops of buildings, parking garages or helipads in congested cities.  EVTOLs promise a faster, safer and greener mode of transportation - potentially changing the way we work and live. Sound too good to be true? We went for a joyride to find out.”

While Cooper stopped short of endorsing eVTOLs, he certainly didn't put on his journalism cap for the episode. Did he not have any questions to ask about a fledgling industry that surely entails a bevy of risks?

No wonder no one watches “60 Minutes” or CNN anymore. 

Who is scarier: Cooper or Cuomo?

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