Alien Watch: Large Mysterious Monolith Found in Utah

2020 wasn't going to let us go into Thanksgiving quietly and alone, following Andrew Cuomo's rules, was it?

Last week, Officials with the Utah Department of Public Safety found a random, mysterious metal monolith in a remote area.

According to WDEF, officials who inspected the monolith could not find any indication of who placed it there or how it got there.

I always thought 2020 would be the year we meet the aliens.

Here's a look:

To help preserve the area, the location has not been disclosed. Translation: do not let anyone catch the aliens under Trump's watch.

A hunter has a theory, noting that parts of the film 2001 were filmed in Monument Valley, along the Arizona-Utah border. The hunter says it's possible an artist wanted to honor the film in a similar locale.

But come on. Don't go crazy just because a helicopter counting bighorn sheep finds a large, tall monolith.

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