Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez May Have Stolen 'Tax The Rich' Design From Lunch Lady And Single Mom

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- write out her full name, please -- showed up in a groundbreaking "Tax the Rich" dress this week at the Met Gala, a fundraiser that allows only the rich to attend at $30,000 a ticket. And just when we thought Ms. Ocasio-Cortez's night was perfect, we learned that she may have stolen the dress design from a San Francisco lunch lady and single mother.

Here is the claim:

"All of my paste-ups are handpainted, and after my Tax the Rich I put up in Sausalito went viral on Tiktok, I began selling stickers and shirts. And low and behold, this dress bears the same likeness as my handwriting," The Velvet Bandit says.

That isn't pleasant. I never imagined Ocasio-Cortez to be the type of woman who would want to take what others have earned. But, as they say, life is full of disappointments.

Anyway, taxing the rich is not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's only great idea. So to help the cause, Ocasio-Cortez is offering this brand new Green New Deal poster for just $90:

Head over to now. If you give her your money, she will take down the rich. How does that work? She hasn't told us yet. So stop wondering.

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