Alex Cooper, A Sex Podcaster, Wants You To Get Out And Vote (For Democrats)

Alex Cooper is urging people to get out and vote.

Cooper, who is the host of the mega-popular sex podcast "Call Her Daddy," is starring in promoted Spotify ads on Instagram pushing people to run out and vote because "there is so much at stake."

Due to it being a promoted Instagram ad, OutKick isn't able to embed the full video, and it's nowhere to be found on Twitter or YouTube. However, below is a screenshot of Cooper making her plea.

While Cooper didn't explicitly state who people should vote for in the ad I saw while scrolling Instagram, it's heavily implied people should vote for Democrats.

That stance shouldn't surprise anyone. Following Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court, "Call Her Daddy" released a heavily pro-choice video.

The Twitter caption for the October post read, "If we’re not going to fight for ourselves, who the f*ck will?"

Is this a smart strategy from Spotify and Alex Cooper?

Having a sex podcaster become the face of a get out of the vote campaign seems like a bold choice from Spotify.

There's no question Cooper is very good at her job. She's making $60 million from Spotify. You'll never hear any rational person argue she's not a content queen and a dominant force in podcasting.

However, I'm not sure Alex Cooper is going to be the person who convinces people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia and other states with tight races to get out and vote.

Let's not forget this is the woman who got famous for talking about oral sex and the "Gluck Gluck 9000." I'm not a political expert, but something tells me the target demo for "Call Her Daddy" and viral sex advice is probably not voting for right wing candidates. That's probably a solid blue group to begin with.

I don't find Cooper as the right pitch person to swing potential Dr. Oz or J.D. Vance voters to the left. It seems highly-unlikely.

We'll find out in just a few days when the election is held next week. Something tells me Cooper's Spotify ads won't be enough to stop the red wave that appears inevitable.

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