A School Locked Down For Over an Hour As Police Arrested Student Who Refused Mask

A Wyoming high school locked down for 90 minutes on Thursday. In what type of danger was the school? According to the administration, a grave danger.

Laramie High School got into a standoff with Grace Smith, a 16-year-old junior, because she refused to wear her mask. As a result, the school locked down, called the police, and had Smith cuffed and arrested.

The Laramie Police Department ticketed Smith for "trespassing." Take a look:

There you go.

For background, Smith had returned to school on Thursday after serving a two-day suspension for not complying with Albany County School District's mask mandate.

Smith said her attorney advised her to not voluntarily leave should the school kicked her out again for not wearing a mask.

"I just left ," Smith said. "Then, after talking with our attorney, we decided to push it, so on I didn't (leave) and took the citation for $500 and then left."

Still, Smith did not expect the school to create an episode by locking the entire school down for over an hour. Smith told KPVI-TV she questioned the lockdown because she wasn't making a scene, didn't yell, and didn’t make any threatening comments.

Laramie High School leadership justified the response, saying they didn’t want to disrupt the other students. So they instead disrupted the classrooms with an intruder-style lockdown. These people are in charge of education. How terrifying is that?

"Everyone is safe," the school's spokesman said.

Yes. The police got the 16-year-old girl who put the school's vaccinated staff and masked students in great danger of COVID. Everyone is safe now.

According to KPVI, Laramie High School may expel Smith. Though her stance remains the same, claiming the district's mandate violates her constitutional rights.

"It's because I'm growing up in a country where I'm supposed to have my God-given rights to protect, and they're being taken away," Smith continues. "Everybody has the freedom to wear a mask if they choose, but I believe everybody also has the right to not wear a mask if they choose."

Smith adds that she has faced retaliation from teachers for her stance on mask mandates. Such a thought isn't allowed in public schools, it appears.

Win or lose, Grace Smith, at only 16, is braver than most of our leaders in education, corporate America, and Washington. The county is backward by design. 

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