56-Year-Old Kathy Jacobs Makes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

56-year-old model Kathy Jacobs has made it. She'll appear in the 2020 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that hits shelves July 21 after entering SI's open call for swimsuit models and then making the final six out of thousands of entrants.

“It means so much to me to be part of this, to be part of a movement that’s bigger than myself, and for ladies in my age range to be included,” she said back in February. “I mean, I’m 56, and the world considers people over 55 to be senior citizens.

Jacobs, who was once a Ford model with a Woman's World cover to her credit, told the NY Post her secrets include using her "own skin care products, made from collagen-friendly ingredients such as pumpkin enzyme, vitamin C and orchid flower stem cells. She works out four times a week, and stays out of the sun."

Kathy added on Instagram: "I am beyond grateful that you and everyone involved with this amazing search exists on this planet to showcase ALL TYPES OF BEAUTY!!!!!!"

While most people believe senior citizen age starts at 65 because of Medicare, keep in mind The Villages in Florida has a 55 & up age requirement, hence what Kathy's talking about with the senior citizen age dropping. Let's keep it real for a minute, if Kathy shows up at some Florida retirement village and hits the pool it's going to cause heart attacks. I've been to my father's retirement village at Marco Island and there aren't 56-year-olds of her caliber at the pool that's for sure.

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