30-Seconds Of Alabama High School Football Players Playing In The Rain

Tired of the pure trash and social destruction Facebook provides on a daily basis? How about we flip the script here and show want went down at Etowah (AL) High School in this video posted by Rick Karle of WVTM-13 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Nothing more than high school football players jumping in a massive mud puddle. Nothing more than that. No politics. No mask debate. No corona hysteria. Just some teenagers being teenagers doing something that feels so good and bring so much happiness to those who, hopefully, haven't had their minds warped by the world they're being raised in.

There's no context needed here. It's like one of those moment of zen things your local TV station began running at the end of newscasts when corona started flipping people out of their minds. This is just something to make the day a little brighter.

I'd like to feature more videos like this. Doesn't have to be football players jumping in a puddle. Tag me on the good stuff out there in the world that we need to run here on Outkick. Let's see what you come up with. @joekinseyexp or joekinsey@gmail.com.

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