10 reasons betting college football is better than sex

Football, betting, sex, and alcohol: the four passions shared by the American male. Trying to rank these 4 is a task rivaled in its complexity by only that of trying to comprehend the intricacies of the BCS. However, what fun is any kind of rankings if there's no level of difficulty to stir debate. Without further fanfare, here are your top ten reasons why betting college football is better than sex. Oh yea, there are game previews as well for those interested in that kind of thing...

10) There's no walk of shame in gambling, you just rip up your ticket and can slink into the shadows

9) You get as much joy from the ugly duckling (Sun Belt) as you do from the beauty queen (SEC).

8) No one ever visits the clinic after putting support behind a dirty program.

7) Little blue pills are rarely required to get your blood flowing to make a bet.

6) If you're too drunk to remember a bet, feelings won't get hurt.

5) Thanks to modern technology you can bet anytime, anyplace, from anywhere.

4) Betting provides 3+ hours of entertainment, not 10 seconds of climax surrounded by 179 minutes of filler. You won't disappoint anyone but yourself when you bet prematurely

3) There's no cuddling or pillow talk required to make yourself feel better if a betting session doesn't end well

2) Multiple "partners" are encouraged; 5-6 on Saturday and a few throughout the week increase your chances for long term success and happiness.

1) Loyalty and monogamy is frowned upon; staying faithful to betting just 1 one team leaves you broke and alone.

Weekend Predictions

California -4.5 vs Washington

How does Jeff Tedford still have a job? He's the Pac 12's Derek Dooley.  Cal 31-21

Vanderbilt -7 @ Kentucky

Vandy is improved but a TD favorite on the conference road? C'mon Man. Vanderbilt 21-17

Louisville -16 vs Temple

The Cardinal are still undefeated...no one cares, its almost hoops season.  Louisville 31-20

Clemson -13 @ Duke

Tennessee needs Coach Cutcliffe back in Knoxville. Blue Devils outright!  Duke 38-35

Arkansas -7.5 vs Tulsa

John L Smith would be lucky to get a job in C-USA after this debacle of a season. Arkansas 28-27

Auburn -22.5 vs New Mexico State

Someone knew War Eagle would need a win in November. Auburn 42-13

Alabama -10 @ LSU

The mad hatter may need more than one trick play to pull off this upset. Alabama 20-7

Florida -17 vs Missouri

The SEC is what we thought it would be! Ok Coach Pinkel, enjoy the holidays in Columbia. Florida 27-7

Georgia -14 vs Ole Miss

If there's one coach who can lose this game, it's Mark Richt. Georgia 38-35

Texas A&M -7 @ Mississippi State

Hangovers this time of year can be a nasty nasty business. What happens in Stark Vegas, stays there. Texas A&M 42-21

Oregon -8 @ USC

160 penalties and counting for the Trojans...I'm sure Matt Barkley returned to USC for a Holiday Bowl birth. Oregon 49-31

Tennessee -18.5 vs Troy

At least for one week the angry mob will stop calling for the coach's head. Tennessee 45-28

From the bookmaker's desk...  (Dave Mason is the head oddsmaker at www.betonline.ag)

As of now, we’ll need LSU small as about 54% of the action is on Alabama. By kickoff we expect the action to stay close to 50/50.
Same can’t be said for the Oregon-USC game as 90% of the early bettors are on Oregon minus 7.5 points. I doubt this percentage will come down much at all as USC’s loss to Arizona is still fresh on everyone’s minds; especially considering that was the public’s biggest loss last weekend.  To add fuel to the fire, that’s the same Arizona team that Oregon throttled 49-0 just last month. Yes we will be huge Trojan fans Saturday night  Kansas State is the public’s second biggest play this weekend with only about 11% of the bets coming in on Oklahoma St +9.5.

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