An Emotional Dan Le Batard Unloads On Clay & Takes Cheap Shot At Dixie Vodka

An emotionally charged Dan Le Batard wasted little time ramping up his post-ESPN life with a barrage of surface-to-missile quote bombs on OutKick’s Clay Travis and Dixie Vodka during a profanity-laced opening monologue on Thursday’s ‘Local Hour’ podcast.  Le Batard’s run at ESPN ended Monday and now the gloves appear to be off.

No more Disney overlords keeping track of Dan’s every move. He wants Clay’s ass, and he wants it now. It took Dan all of 1 minute and 55 seconds into today’s Capitol insurrection show to utter Clay’s name and show off his vocabulary.

“For all of you who fear, ‘Oh they’re losing their ESPN stuff. They’re losing their smart people. ESPN’s going to block them from having access to the Minas (Kimes) and stuff,’ we’re going to bring you nonstop smart people we love to talk about stuff that is difficult as America changes in front your eyes and as you see freedom threatened.

“Finally, finally scared the Republicans shitless enough to actually lead, to take off their masks because of the Frankenstein monsters they created, reaching into the morgue to make all of these parts, and now it turned on them and you saw what happened yesterday. 

“Finally our country’s leadership united against the monster because they were scared shitless of chickens coming home to roost. This is what was wrought. This is what was going to get here because of everything you saw happening over the last 12 months to us and elsewhere because I’ve got something for that shitstain Clay Travis who wants to sit it out now when he was having Trump on his infomercial podcast, Dixie Vodka cheap shit, just getting Trump to foment this base and then walks away and say, ‘Hey I never said anything about violence.’

“Nah man, nah, you guys did in all your code.”

Whew. Dan’s mad. It sounds like Dan’s about to cry, he’s so angry. It’s January 7, and it’s already clear that Dan vs. Clay will be the media war of the year. This will be the big boy battle you guys have been waiting for.

I’m just over here wondering why Dan had to take a shot at Dixie Vodka? It gets an A- on “Classic and modern, there’s not a trace of the south in the glass here, just a gentle sweetness and the lightest hint of cornmeal and heavy cream. The palate is silky and mild, with a clean, unassuming finish. Very versatile and unassuming,” Drink Hacker states.

Not cool, Dan.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Sounds like Dan doesn’t remember how the left fueled a lot of violence and destruction this summer. All violence and looting is bad! You can’t pick and choose Dan! I agree, excoriate the mob who stormed the capitol, but you better not forget to excoriate ANTIFA as well. Don’t be so myopic, Dan

    • Totally agree. Unfortunately that won’t happen anywhere in mainstream media USA.
      I heard the same “newsman” that was nothing but praise for the summer riots helping to work toward justice, explain to us all yesterday that “this is not how Americans are or how they should be”.
      Hypocrite much.

  2. ‘ESPN’s going to block them from having access to the Minas (Kimes) and stuff,’

    Thanks Dan…I always had a bad feeling about her…(and Sarah Spain, Katie Nolan, Cari Champion, Maria Taylor, Julie Foudy…)

    That being said if Dan loves communism so much why not go back to his roots? You know, the same place his ancestors tried like hell to get out of.

  3. And I’d like to add…with who Clay has been pissing off recently (Olbermann, George Karl, Karen Rovell, and now Le Batard)…and that Canadian on the betting show…that’s pretty good optics at least that he’s on the right track.

  4. “Finally, finally scared the Republicans shitless enough to actually lead, to take off their masks because of the Frankenstein monsters they created…” I don’t remember it being republicans who all donned masks as they literally burned down cities last year. It amazes me how the media panders to the people who burn the flag, while trampling on the ones who raise it. Disgusting.

  5. Re read 1984….. “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”

  6. I live in a suburb about 20 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. The hypocrisy from the democrats and the media is astounding. Downtown Portland (and many other cities across the country) and some of the close in neighborhoods endured months of domestic terrorism and injuring police. And in the past week, these domestic terrorist ANTIFA thugs damaged more businesses. And our governor, the Portland mayor and the new DA failed to condemn the violence and failed to prosecute these domestic terrorists. So all the democrats and most of the media can spare me their fake outrage about what happened yesterday.

    And thank you to Lebatard for giving Dixie vodka some free advertising!!!!

    • This might actually make for pretty good pay-per-view: KO and DLB in a cage, melting down in their stage 4 TDS trying to outdo each other in their hysteria. Loser mops up the puddle of bile left by the winner.

    • Totally true. I watched a “reporter” on CBS say that President Trump urged the rally to take the Capitol and then played a clip of the POTUS speech as evidence in which President Trump said something like “we’re gonna go up there and applaud the guys helping us. Because you have to be strong.” That was the code I guess? Seriously CBS, that’s your best freaking argument for cause-and-effect?? Pure fiction.

  7. Le Batard? Is that swollen puss-head still around? Every time I see him, I want to go churn a crock of butter. Wow, there is life after Cuba, or wherever that Tub o’ Goo is from! And by the way, the Papi schtick was real funny back in the 60’s when Bill Dana did Topo Giggio … uh, not anymore.
    For a guy that hates this country the way he does, you wonder why he has a following at all. Oh yeah, because they hate this country too.

  8. Dan proved how yesterday’s events occurred because America is racist. Listening to these mental gymnastics makes me tired. Previous Trump rallies in 2020 were non-violent unless agitated by Antifa. BLM/Antifa rallies caused over a billion dollars in physical damage in 2020. The number of police present was not determined by racism, it was determined by fact-based reputation.
    We’ll eventually know who these people actually are that stormed the Capitol, and if they voted once for Trump or thrice for Biden. It’s way too early to make conclusions of who is to blame.

  9. Clay, I do appreciate that starting and fueling various “feuds” with other media personalities is an effective programming tool for you (and many others).

    For 32+ years Rush has been cheap-shotted and obscenely attacked by all species of media vermin … but NEVER gives any of them “air time” mention on his 3-hours/day. He reasons THAT is exactly what they are angling for … so he denies them that. … Just a thought.

      • Disagree. Le Betard has a pretty big audience already. It would be one thing if Le Betard was some fringe guy ut dude has been established. If anything Le Betard is making more people aware of Outkick.

        People hear that and if they’ve never heard of Clay/Outkick they will google him. Even if 85% of people who hear about Clay from Le Betard end up hating Clay, they will still be clicking, watching, etc. and therefore making him money.

      • I haven’t watched any In-Studio SportsTalk show on Any network in 4-5 years. I do know that LeBetard is/was “the guy in Miami with his Cuban father” schtick … I am NOT the target demographic for any of them … probably not even OutKick. … The adult-level commentaries here – especially Jason – are why I signed up here.

        “Feuds” – real and imaginary – are a staple in Talk Radio …. Sports & News. Imus and Stern both have used the technique over the years. Rush is the ONLY one who does not play that game.

  10. “…because I’ve got something for that shitstain Clay Travis who wants to sit it out now when he was having Trump on his infomercial podcast, Dixie Vodka cheap shit, just getting Trump to foment this base and then walks away and say, ‘Hey I never said anything about violence.’”

    I recall a few years ago when Clay brought up the story of George W and Bono. Society needs more of that.

  11. Lebatard’s venom is totally illogical and misplaced, but very easy to understand.

    Clay Travis is a highly successful, hard working, lifelong “cool kid”. Dan Lebatard is an overweight, mess of a man, who likely spent his teenage years working as a camp counselor and was the typical “40 year old Virgin” well into his adult life. If not for ESPN, Lebatard is probably the wise ass douche bag working at the post office or DMV. Flexing his pitiful imaginary authority, his only professional enjoyment would be making other people’s lives more difficult. Metaphorically speaking Clay Travis is the highly successful home builder, Lebatard is the failed home builder turned building inspector.

    Lebatard is projecting his anger on Clay because he’s devastated that ESPN no longer needs him, and will no longer prop him up as a “star”. Dan now has to find his way as an entrepreneur (which Clay is an expert on being) and Dan is scared shitless. Dan knows that his human capital is rapidly descending while Clay’s is rapidly ascending.

  12. In the suggestions section I recommended a “Crossfire” formatted show, or radio. Maybe it already exists? Certainly have to be moderated, but I think there would be a huge demand for “debating in the public square”? and yes for this former college wrestler, NFL DL, a few dances around the ring too! I guess that celebrity goof Paul has that covered. Cultural Crossfire 2 !! unlimited audience. Could have rotating guests. Big balls, big bucks!

  13. He’s a stupid a-hole like the rest of them. Whether it is plain stupidity, lack of self-esteem, some guilt-complex, social media disorder, or whatever, he’s got the same problem most of the left has. Months of riots nationwide with real looting, real killing (by the rioters not cops), real burning of buildings, real burning of cars, real ambush and killing of police across the country, and now somehow broken windows and people running through the Capital is a problem? WTF? The left glamorized and condoned all this BS for the past year. They are lucky 1M people did not show up Jan 6th with AR-15s and hunt down every sick progressive leftist in the building, because it may come to that one day if the left keeps doubling down on their BS.

    They need to look at the cause of the rally and cause of anger instead of continuing their divisive bullshit.

    I have always said that when conservatives start to protest and gather like the left has done for years the shit will hit the fan. We all have jobs. To take the time to go to DC is a major freaking time sink and you’ve got to be very pissed off to make that trip.

  14. Haha, Dan is one of those tough guys from behind the microphone types. His take this job and shove it schtick on MSESPN was so tiresome and contrived. He knows his podcast will get sponsors and will appear top-rated even if no one listens to it as long as he plays the angry woke dude.

  15. Just more blabbing, non sensical bullshit from another left wing douchebag. Who the f**k would actually subscribe to listen to this? I actually listened the first minute and a half and couldn`t understand who he was mad at. Trump? Clay? Republicans? I did notice the trend though: All are white. If you don`t like it here, go back to Cuba……and take you`re old man with you.

  16. Way back in time in a former life I listened to radio. In my car I could hear Miami radio 65 miles away. LaBatard was a host. I turned him off. I was probably a Democrat then so it was not politics. It was him. Well ESPN is a left wing rag and arm of the Democratic Party. So I never listened to him. Clay’s problem: he is not a hypocrite

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