Amusement Park Employee Fired For OnlyFans Content After Park Visitors Kept Recognizing Her

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The OnlyFans side hustle might be getting a little out of hand. People from all walks of life seem to be making content on the platform. Underscoring this fact is an amusement park employee who was fired recently.

Ilaria Rimoldi was working at Italy’s Gardaland Resort when she was fired because too many park visitors recognized her from her OnlyFans page. Most people who get into creating content on the platform do so to supplement their income.

Amusement Park Employee Fired For OnlyFans Content After Park Visitors Kept Recognizing Her
Amusement park employee lost her job over OnlyFans content (Image Credit: Ilaria Rimoldi/TikTok & OF)

Rimoldi, who has a large following on TikTok, signed up to create content for that reason. She revealed those details to the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, “My salary was around 1,000 euros, insufficient for rent, car, groceries and bills. So I had the idea of OnlyFans.”

After the slow beginning, around 600 euros in her first month, things picked up. By November she was making 5,000 euros from her content. The increase in success on OnlyFans caused an increase in visitors to the park recognizing her.

Rimoldi said five or six visitors specifically mentioned seeing her on OnlyFans. Her employer, who prior to the extra attention said they were okay with her side hustle, was no longer okay with the content.

The OnlyFans Side Hustle Is Going Strong

She was called into a meeting with management and informed that her contract would not be renewed. Rimoldi said, “Without being rude, they pointed out to me that Gardaland is a facility for families and that those photos don’t match the image of the park. Nonsense speeches…”

“I replied that in my free time I do what I want and that if they wanted they could raise my salary allowing me to earn the same amount that my second job guarantees me. Of course, they refused.”

She now has a lot more free time to create content for her growing OnlyFans following. That includes private chats and “extra exclusive content.”

So what’s next for the former amusement park employee? Well she’s not going to sit back and just make OnlyFans content. She loves horses and wants to be an instructor.

Written by Sean Joseph

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