America’s QB Kirk Cousins Continues To Bravely Rock A Mustache, Hit Griddy

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Kirk Cousins unveiled a brand spankin’ new piece of lip furniture earlier this week, that was meant for a Mustache Monday.

However, as of Thursday, the Minnesota Vikings signal-caller is still rocking some serious lip lettuce. His new look feels like a nod to Hulk Hogan. That said, Cousins himself — noted history buff that he is — said it would look right at home in a Conestoga Wagon cruising along the Oregon Trail.

Man, first Arthur Smith takes the mustache world by storm, and now Kirk Cousins too?! What an off-season for soup strainers.

He said he’s sticking with the new look despite an upcoming appearance at a car dealership and a less-than-enthusiastic response from Mrs. Cousins.

The fact that he is willing to soldier on past the missus’ reservations is huge. It shows that Cousins might be embracing the mustache life for good.

That’s going to raise a lot of eyebrows and make some teams nervous about this upcoming season. As long as they don’t have too many primetime games, the Vikings could be a team to watch again (though I’m basing that solely on Cousins’ mustache).

Cousins Was Hitting The Griddy And Shopping At Kohl’s

The mustache is just one piece of Cousins’ recent reinvention.

If the new face follicles weren’t enough to convince you that Kirk means business, how about hitting a Griddy in the middle of practice last week?

Look. Out.

But the beauty of it all is that despite this apparent reinvention from a kind of dorky quarterback to a kind of dorky quarterback with a mustache and who dances, Cousins hasn’t forgotten his roots.

He made sure to tweet (or X, or whatever the hell you’re supposed to call it now) his thanks who gave him a gift card. One to arguably the most wonderfully middle-America retail outlet of them all: Kohl’s.

Cousins hit up the department store earlier this week.

The Vikings are the reigning NFC North champs. But there’s a lot of buzz around the Lions going into this season.

The new stache and style might be enough to give the Vikings the edge (probably not, but still cool though).

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