America-Hating Gregg Popovich Takes Full Advantage Of Capitalism, Gets Richest Contract Ever For NBA Coach

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Gregg Popovich, who is on record saying many terrible things about the United States of America, signed a five-year extension with the San Antonio Spurs worth $80 million. That’s the richest contract ever granted to an NBA head coach.

Popovich attended the Air Force Academy and served five years in the United States Military. And, I thank him for that service. However, serving in the US Military does not grant someone a lifetime exemption for trash-talking America while still claiming to “love this country.”

For a guy who hates America, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich sure doesn't hate taking advantage of its incredible system.
For a guy who hates America, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich sure doesn’t hate taking advantage of its incredible system. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Popovich, though, believes that it does. It’s hard to find someone who hates America more than Gregg Popovich. Yet, it’s also hard to find many people who benefit from being American more than Gregg Popovich. Ironic, isn’t it?

Here are some of Popovich’s “greatest hits”:

Those are just a sampling of the ridiculous and anti-American comments that Popovich has made.

So, it’s no surprise that fellow left-wing media darling LeBron James is extremely happy to see another America-hater continue to benefit from the system which they claim to detest.

Gregg Popovich hates the United States despite the country providing him the best life he could possibly have ever lived

Must be nice to be Gregg Popovich. He gets to criticize every aspect of the great country that has provided him with an unparalleled lifestyle.

There’s no other country in the world where he’d have made over $100 million coaching basketball.

That’s how capitalism in the United States works. Popovich has had plenty of success coaching the San Antonio Spurs. He’s a five-time NBA Champion and three-time NBA Coach of the Year.

Thanks to his merit, he gets paid. Pretty good system, right?

Yet, instead of focusing on the positives, Popovich chooses to attack the country at every turn.

That makes him a hypocrite.

But, that’s a staple of far-left-wing politics, so it’s perfectly inline with his beliefs.

At least he’s consistently inconsistent.

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