Amber Heard Spotted Shopping At TJ Maxx In Hamptons After Losing Millions To Ex-Husband Johnny Depp

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Scoring the ideal garment for a discounted price is never a bad deal. But when you’re a Hollywood actress that accrued millions and lost it all by trying to defame Captain Jack Sparrow, getting pictured near the clearance aisle isn’t the best look.

Allegedly broke actress Amber Heard, 36, has been spotted once again since her highly publicized trial against Johnny Depp.

As reported by TMZ, Heard was spotted at a TJ Maxx — a savings fashion store — in the Hamptons, tugging on the narrative that Heard is penny-pinching to break even after legal fees and damages left the actress “broke.”

via TMZ

Heard was spotted alongside her sister, Whitney Henriquez, per the outlet.

via TMZ

Heard’s lastest appearance on television was an interview where she reiterated her innocence and that the trial didn’t include her “binder of evidence.”

Heard is now demanded to pay her ex-husband $8.4 million in damages after making defamatory statements against Depp. Her estimated net worth is reportedly $8 million, though some have placed the total as low as $1 million due to the legal expenses.

Depp pulled the receipts on Heard — winning three of his defamation claims — and survived the hyped-up trial.

In one of the most unifying moments in recent American history, people rallied over watching Heard sporadically break character and lose to Depp after she gave severe allegations of abuse during a time when women were speaking up against their abusers in Hollywood.

“It will also theoretically return Johnny Depp to his status, maybe even increase his overall status as a superstar in this country,” OutKick founder Clay Travis said in reaction to the verdict.

The Aquaman and Magic Mike XXL actress gave several Razzie-worthy performances during the trial, and the jury ultimately didn’t buy it.

Given that the TJ Maxx was in the Hamptons and paparazzi still sticking to her like No. 2 on bedsheets, Heard’s photo-op near the clearance rack wasn’t the worst play for pity from critics.

Our best regards to the all-time smoke. May she find her way back to Burberry.

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