Amazon Looking To Pry ManningCast From ESPN By 2023

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Amazon is reportedly looking to make a serious bid for the popular “ManningCast” program, featuring Peyton and Eli Manning, currently seen on Monday night ESPN telecasts. 

Once the Manning’s and ESPN reach the end of their agreement in 2023, Amazon aims to swoop and reach a contract with the tandem in an effort to expand their presence in the world of sports.

According to the exclusive Front Row Sports report, “ESPN would probably get an exclusive window to renew its deal with the Mannings before Omaha opens talks with other suitors. The talks are expected to kick off sometime in 2022.”

Partnering with Peyton’s Omaha Productions, the Manning brothers have been featured on ESPN as special guest commentators for Monday Night Football matchups, albeit sporadically appearing throughout the season rather than a weekly gig. 

OutKick’s Sam Amico relayed that Amazon has been keen on acquiring key talent to expedite its presence in the sporting world, getting in on the massive viewership haul seen this season in both the college game and the NFL.

“Amazon is reportedly eyeing Al Michaels and Troy Aikman to be the voices of its Thursday Night Football package. So clearly, it is dreaming big when it comes to sports programming.”

The brothers’ debut on ESPN in Week 1 garnered around 800,000 viewers and saw an increase to “1.86 million viewers” in their Week 2 commentary during the Packers-Lions game, per OutKick’s Bobby Burack.

The program has featured a range of prominent football personalities, players and coaches. Previously appearing on the ManningCast are names like Nick Saban, Marshawn Lynch, Tom Brady, Bill Parcells and others

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