Final Five Cities Amazon Considered for ‘HQ2’

Is it better to come close and miss, or to never come close at all? That’s one of the great mysteries of life. Is it better to make it to the Final Four and lose or to miss it entirely? Is it better to be the runner-up on The Bachelor or sent home early? Four cities now have to answer a similar question.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, citing a new book by journalist Brad Stone, reports that Jeff Bezos, Andy Jassy, and other senior Amazon leaders compiled a final list of five cities to consider for Amazon’s highly-discussed “HQ2,” the $5 billion expansion of its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The list consisted of Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Northern Virginia, and Nashville.

Amazon ultimately chose Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.

Fine, I’ll address it: yes, Amazon and OutKick were almost neighbors in Nashville.

Nashville, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City may feel bad, but they shouldn’t feel the worst. Far from it. That feeling is reserved for Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Chicago, and Raleigh made the “top tier” phase but were disregarded because, as Stone cites, they did not have “the largest concentration of existing tech talent.”

So why should Philadelphia feel worse than Chicago and Raleigh? Per Stone’s book, one Amazon executive’s hatred for the Philadelphia Eagles may have played a role. That’s why. The football team may have ruined it.

Did the Eagles’ rivalry with the New York Giants help sink Philadelphia’s chance of being chosen as home to’s massive “HQ2″ office expansion? Along with Amazon’s shifting outlook back home in Seattle, it may have played a role, according to a new book by journalist Brad Stone, who reveals that Philadelphia had been one of three top-tier picks for the retail and technology giant’s $5 billion project after a yearlong search.

When Philadelphia was given to senior Amazon officials as one of the search team’s top recommendations, one executive quipped that he and his employees would never want to live in Philadelphia, enemy of his favorite team, the Giants, Stone writes in his book, Amazon Unbound.

That exec is Andy Jassy, the leader of Amazon Web Services who is slated to become Amazon’s chief executive after Bezos steps aside later this year. A powerful guy. A powerful Eagles hater as well.

Adding insult to injury, the Eagles’ roster is actually worse than the rosters of the Bears, Football Team, Titans, Giants, Cowboys, Rams and Chargers. That, too, sucks.

Honestly, I’d rather finish last than second.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Remember when Amazon chose New York and the AOC-led Democrats ran him out of town? Then they complained about the lack of jobs in New York? Then claimed those lack of jobs caused the massive increase in murder and shootings, over bread? LOL

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