Amazon Employees Will Be Required To Return To Offices In May

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From the sound of it, Amazon employees may need to wake up a bit earlier come May: they’ll need to commute to the office again.

They may also need to put on pants at least three days per week.

According to a company-wide memo, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has laid out plans for the company’s employees to return to a hybrid work model.

Amazon advised its employees who were able to work from home to do that since the pandemic began in 2020. They extended that directive several times over the following three years, but now it’s time to head back to the office.

Jassy laid out examples of why the company would benefit from returning to the office. He wrote that this would “strengthen” the company’s corporate culture, and that “people tend to be more engaged, observant, and attuned to what’s happening.”

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy wrote a memo in which he said the company’s employees will need to return to the office at least three days a week. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Amazon Is Still Working Out The Plan For Heading Back To The Office

Still, the CEO acknowledged that bringing so many employees back to work will not be an easy task. He also revealed that the company is still working out the finer points of how to do this.

“It’s not simple to bring many thousands of employees back to our offices around the world, so we’re going to give the teams that need to do that work some time to develop a plan,” Jassy wrote.

“We know that it won’t be perfect at first, but the office experience will steadily improve over the coming months (and years) as our real estate and facilities teams smooth out the wrinkles, and ultimately keep evolving how we want our offices to be set up to capture the new ways we want to work.”

Amazon is not the first company to do this. We’ll have to see if they face any of the same headaches others have faced. The New York Times (shocker) saw employees freak out when told to come back to the office three days a week. Elon Musk was met with a similar response at Twitter.

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