‘Am I The A-hole For Telling My Fiancée She Looked Weird On Our Wedding Night?’

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For one Reddit user, his marriage is off to a fast start.

Guys, before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post, we need to gather ’round and have a discussion on how to behave yourselves on your wedding nights. I know OutKick is starting to make inroads with the Millennials who are hitting their early 30s and deciding to finally lay down some roots.

You’ve busted your ass over the last decade playing video games and now it’s abundantly clear you need to find relationships before all that’s left are women that share custody on the weekends with their dumb exes who gave up half of their 401ks to their high school sweethearts.

Millennials: Don’t f–k up on your wedding day. Don’t be this guy from Reddit.

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Let’s hear from Throwaway4aita8 and this deep hole he’s dug for himself:

My 32M i’ve dating Sarah 29F for over 2 years i love her to death and she means the world to me, also she is a person who is comfortable with her skin and doesn’t use a lot of makeup which i really adore about her and we always tell the truth to each other no matter what.

Yesterday, was our wedding and the moment i saw her there i was shocked she used a huge amount of makeup that i barely recognized her without hearing her voice.

She saw my facial expression that i was acting a little out of the ordinary and she asked me what’s wrong? I told her that it’s nothing but she looked a little weird with all that makeup in her face.

She tried to laugh it off and started talking to her other friends, to be honest at that moment i really didn’t think i said something wrong or anything especially she didn’t say anything.

However, when we went home she started to give me the cold shoulder treatment, i told her what’s wrong and she said it’s nothing and she doesn’t feel well and she is tired etc..

To be honest i think she’s hiding something and that got me wondering if what i said may be the reason?


  1. Guys, it is HER DAY. If you’re 32 and can’t read a room, you deserve what’s coming your way in divorce court when she takes the kids, half of your retirement, and ends up with the pipefitter union president who shockingly just happened to be getting a divorce at the same time as your divorce. Some of you morons deserve it when she ends up with Keith and they’re combining financial forces while you’re off playing Madden and hitting on chicks you went to high school with via Facebook Messenger.
  2. Have you morons never been to a wedding where the bride is wearing heavier-than-normal Buffalo Wild Wings night-out makeup? Guys, you have to be more observant.
  3. As my wife explained to me, brides are doing EVERYTHING in the makeup department on their wedding day. Those photos have to last their entire lives or until they run off with union president Keith to live the life they always wanted that typically includes a boat and RV.
  4. The use of “weird” shouldn’t be used on your wedding day. Lose that word from your vocabulary. You could accidentally say “this cake tastes a little weird,” and it could send your bride into a full meltdown. Guys, you have to be smart. READ THE DAMN ROOM.
  5. Some of you bozos will eventually understand there’s a time and place to have a “take.” You’ll understand the best times to bring up news that you have tee times with the boys is at a nice dinner where she’s a drink deep and really enjoying herself. Or do it early in the morning when she’s half-asleep. Then, remind her that night when you let her have the remote to watch Real Housewives of Orange County.
  6. BROOOOO, you sound like a HUGE pussy! OK, pipefitters. How many of you are divorced and lost a ton of money in the divorce and now live miserable lives bragging about how much money you make only to know, deep down, how much of it goes to the ex?
  7. Read the room. If she’s not the love of your life, walk away. After that, learn to bob and weave in the middle of the ring.
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I don’t feel bad for the guy. Part of being an adult is thinking before you speak and having the tiniest speck of empathy for the damage your thoughtless words can do to your partner.

My wife did the same thing for our wedding. She generally doesn’t wear much makeup at all and got the works for our wedding – and as a result she looked very different to how she usually looks.

But because I’m an adult I didn’t tell her she looks weird and everyone had a good day.

Let’s go to the Reddit comments where they’re really letting this guy have it:

I imagine poor Sarah trying the whole time not to cry and put a good face, while dreading pictures and the whole event.

Also, wedding makeup is expensive as hell. Even if it looks bad or weird you do NOT tell a bride that after they spent all that money on it

And, finally, let’s stop and think about what we’re doing before acting. Listen to what this lady is saying. I’m here to help save your 401k.

• I worked with a medical doctor who always means well but could be totally clueless.

I remember asking what he was getting his wife for her birthday. He said one of those long tongs meant to grab spiders. His reasoning was that his wife always wanted him to catch spiders but not kill them. He thought it was a sweet gift.

A few of us sat him down and wife got a spa package at a resort that year and the doctor checked with us before buying future gifts.

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