Alyssa Milano Threw Herself a Joe Rogan-Envy Themed Twitter Pity Party

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Alyssa Milano, host of “Sorry Not Sorry” and self-appointed arbiter of truth, spent her Wednesday night feeling sorry for herself on Twitter and complaining about Joe Rogan.

The height of her fragility peaked when she said:

There is no logistical reason for Alyssa Milano to believe she corrals even close to a third of the audience of Joe Rogan, first of all. Not sure what numbers she is looking at but it is probably closer to ten-fold. Now, I suppose that is the rest of our fault, expecting Milano to rely on logic — something she has shown incapable of.

Anyways. Rogan also just landed a deal worth north of $100 million dollars, something that Milano will never accomplish. But most importantly she doesn’t possess the mental capacity to understand why Rogan captivates a limitless audience. 

Her podcast LITERALLY is named for her inability to cope with unique concepts, being titled, “Sorry Not Sorry.” Milano is not only boring, but she doesn’t have the social maturity or confidence to converse with those who have differing opinions. Joe Rogan spoke publicly to support former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, while in the same year sharing the room with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

His conservative support stuck around. I wonder why?

Rogan uses his platform to share his opinions and welcomes challenging points of view. This formula lures listeners who want to hear what he AND his guest has to say, instead of finding another podcast where everyone agrees on everything. That, Alyssa, is called good business.

Leftist America doesn’t want athletes and celebrities to shut up and dribble, they want their idols to agree with them. Joe Rogan embraces his platform by pushing his views while simultaneously allowing space for a dialogue. A method his Spotify deal should prove, works.

Alyssa Milano’s podcast isn’t entertaining on any level, but her main obstacle is becoming more self aware that in a country of 330 million people, there are going to be unique angles on EVERYTHING. Rogan continues to look under every rock for solutions that sometimes come from surprising people, while Milano looks to complain every step of the way. 

She managed to stomp her virtual feet over society’s love for Joe Rogan’s open mind, but maybe Rogan’s success is proof there is hope for society, even if that means people like Milano have to fail to see the light.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Gary, I think you’re being kind even saying 1/10th. I think she missed a zero or two on 1/3. More like 1/30th or 1/300th. Although maybe they play her podcast to terrorists in Guantanamo Bay to get them to talk.

    A lot of people claim to be open minded. Rogan actually is. He has everyone on his podcast, and he finds common ground with all of them, while also politely challenging everyone too.

  2. Gary,
    My reading of your well written article about Milano’s horrifying podcast and tweets solidified the fact that this will be the closest I shall ever come to engaging with either. They’re awful enough through second hand exposure.

  3. Joe Rogan has something special. The intellectual curiosity to talk to a huge variety of people to explore ideas, learn and get to know other humans and where they are coming from. It is becoming a lost art. His success is a good omen for America though.

  4. I alluded to it on the Umbrella man thread, the Left is winning the moment but we are winning the war. Rogan get’s the 100 million deal because everyone from Surgeons to HVAC repairmen enjoy his show and find him relatable. Alyssa Milano is only relatable to bitter, middle aged women who have no concept of basic economics, supply and demand.

    Btw – Rogan has a great history of conservative thinkers as his guest, Milo Yiannopulos, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, Mel Gibson, Elon Musk, etc… He tells both sides of the story. The Left is no longer capable of respectful debate.

  5. I watch a number of Rogan’s shows, he is a person with some diverse experiences who has allot of interesting guests whom he has discussions with. That Marxist puppet Milano has nothing to offer by comparison. How is this a surprise?

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