Aloha Means Goodbye…To COVID Tests, Vax Proof In Hawaii

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If you’re planning a Hawaiian vacation, you’ll once again need little more than a grass skirt and a coconut bra to have a good time. On Tuesday, the state announced that it’s lifting its severe and unnecessary COVID-19 entry requirements, effective this month.

Those traveling to the island will no longer need to show proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, or quarantine for five days – all of which had previously been required for visitors to get their luau on.

And Hawaii’s relaxed COVID requirements won’t just help tourists. The change will also positively affect those currently living and working in the Aloha State.

“Also beginning March 26, state/county employees and visitors to state facilities will no longer be required to provide vaccination status or negative COVID test results,” tweeted Governor David Ige.

As Hawaii currently has the second-lowest death rate in the country, it will also no longer impose limits on social gatherings, both indoor and outdoor. Meaning, people will once again be free to sip Mai Tais with as many friends as the island will hold.

“With COVID-19 new cases and hospitalizations continuing to trend downward dramatically, it’s time for our residents to return to the activities that they enjoy — camping with friends and family and attending birthday parties, baby luau and other events at community centers,” Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said via press release. “Now, we can reclaim our island lifestyle and put COVID-19 restrictions behind us.”

This latest reopening of a state must be driving the coronabro-left coconuts. But then again, maybe Hawaii’s not really their thing — it’s not like they’re used to getting leid.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Cancelled a trip there last year with friends due 100% to their insane Covid policies. The state lost out on likely $15-20,000 in spend from our trip alone. Obviously a lot of that would have gone to companies not based there, but I have to imagine many, many others made the same choice, and it cost the state and it’s residents/businesses an unbelievable amount of income.

  2. when you have ad campaigns to keep me away…don’t have to tell me twice. Wife wanted Hawaii later this month…she got San Diego. Lake tahoe did the same. I live 20 minutes form there and avoid spending any $$ in the Tahoe basin now.

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