High School Football Team Goes Full-Send, Somehow Pulls Off Mind-Blowing Behind-The-Back Pass

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A high school football team in Wisconsin pulled off one of the most ridiculous touchdown passes that you will ever see this weekend. It came late in a blowout win and it is truly mind-blowing.

The quarterback went full-send and it worked.

On Friday night, Almond-Bancroft High School won their conference game against Tri-County by a lot. The Eagles emerged victorious by a final score of 52-19.

Despite the blowout, Wisconsin high school football teams are rewarded for scoring when it comes to playoffs and seeding. As a result, Almond-Bancroft kept the foot on the gas.

And then, at some point during the evening, the Eagles said “LEEROY JENKINS!!!” and went full-send. They ran one of the craziest two-point conversion plays that you will ever see.

Quarterback T.J. Lamb took the snap, took a quick lateral step, and then whipped the ball behind his back to the corner of the end zone with his non-throwing hand. The pass hung in the air for awhile before tight end Ayden Phillips went up and pulled it down.

It was a completed pass and the two-point attempt was good.

Take a look at the complete insanity that was Almond-Bancroft’s behind-the-back pass:

It is unclear as to what inspired the crazy play call, but it was likely something that the team had talked about with their coach in the weeks prior. There is always that one bonkers play that your team runs for fun before practice and might get to try out during practice if your coach is in a good mood.

It’s that one play that the players pester the coach to run. Perhaps they agreed that if they were up by more than five scores, they could run it. Perhaps the coach had heard enough of his players in his ear and finally gave in.

Whatever it was, Almond-Bancroft went behind-the-back and it worked. Wild stuff.

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